Bulk Blemished DRT TerminalShock .223 Ammunition in Stock

Posted: September 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

Click here to shop now: Bulk DRT Frangible .223 Ammo


FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY. We have received a shipment in new but cosmetically blemished pulled unfired Federal brass. The blemishes are cosmetic and will not affect firing in any way. We have a limited number of cases available so act fast!

DRT produces lead free, jacketed, rifle and pistol ammunition. The unique aspect of DRT ammunition is its bullet. DRT bullets are formed from a core of densely compressed, 99.9% pure, powdered metal. (The actual types of metal used are not specified.) This core is not sintered or bonded, only compressed. It is inserted into a highly concentric copper jacket and the final 9mm bullet is formed with a cup point. (A “cup point” is a wide, shallow hollow point.)

The resulting bullet is highly accurate and will disintegrate if it hits a hard metal surface without ricocheting. In soft tissue, “expansion” (actually reversion of the core to its powdered state) is initiated by hydrostatic force, resulting in complete disintegration of the bullet’s core and massive soft tissue damage.

This is a great price for great ammunition, perfect for hunting and target shooting alike.


Click here to shop now: DRT Frangible Bulk .223 Ammo


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