Federal P9HST4 9mm HST 147gr Ammo In Stock and on Sale!

Posted: May 20, 2015 in Uncategorized
Federal Premium 9mm 147gr HST

Federal Premium 9mm 147gr HST

The next generation in Law Enforcement ammunition from Federal Premium ammunition offers weight retention and uniform expansion never before seen in previous bullet designs. The HST projectile is so effective that it can be argued to have the same effectiveness of calibers like .45 ACP, while offering higher magazine capacity and weight savings. This great ammunition is now back in stock at the lowest price we have ever had it at Ventura Munitions. Click here to view >> Federal Premium Law Enforcement 9mm 147gr +P LE HST – 50 Rounds


There isn’t much more to say about this round. The HST bullet has proven itself time and time again in real world and simulated tests. Uniform expansion, superior weight retention, and a specially designed DEEP hollow point allows it to penetrate through material without getting caught up like many other traditional hollow points. Stock up now with tons of Federal HST ammunition in stock at Ventura Munitions.


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