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Federal Premium 9mm 147gr HST

Federal Premium 9mm 147gr HST

The next generation in Law Enforcement ammunition from Federal Premium ammunition offers weight retention and uniform expansion never before seen in previous bullet designs. The HST projectile is so effective that it can be argued to have the same effectiveness of calibers like .45 ACP, while offering higher magazine capacity and weight savings. This great ammunition is now back in stock at the lowest price we have ever had it at Ventura Munitions. Click here to view >> Federal Premium Law Enforcement 9mm 147gr +P LE HST – 50 Rounds


There isn’t much more to say about this round. The HST bullet has proven itself time and time again in real world and simulated tests. Uniform expansion, superior weight retention, and a specially designed DEEP hollow point allows it to penetrate through material without getting caught up like many other traditional hollow points. Stock up now with tons of Federal HST ammunition in stock at Ventura Munitions.


Ventura Munitions is proud to now carry Eagle Eye Precision Ammunition. Eagle Eye ammo is designed with one thing in mind: consistency. Their brass is custom made to allow for the lowest levels of impurities, resulting in the highest level of consistency between case. Higher quality cases also result in the ability to reload the cases 10+ times. The bullets are also made with the same attention to detail and are built more uniformly than other match grade projectiles.

One thing Eagle Eye can boast is consistency across lots. They assure that the accuracy of lot 1 will match the accuracy of lot 100. That means no recalibration when moving from a box of one lot to another. This is a huge advantage and cost savings, one of the main reasons why they have become official partners with US Optics.

This ammunition has been tested and shown to have the lowest standard deviation of velocities than any other factory match grade ammunition. This results in more consistent repeatable accuracy.

Feel free to visit our website and check out their offerings by clicking here >> Eagle Eye Precision Ammunition

We just loaded a huge lot of brand new SS109 5.56x45mm ammunition at a GREAT price. For only $87.50 per 250rds this is a great time to stock up on this accurate and lethal round. With a brand new Steel tip penetration and 5.56 brass, these rounds are a great buy. Click here to view availability and pricing >>> Ventura Tactical 5.56x45mm 62gr SS109 NEW Ammo – 250rds

SS109 Ammunition

Lehigh Defense recently launched their Xtreme Penetrator personal defense round. In true Lehigh form the rounds are CNC’d out of solid copper in a way that harkens back to the SWC defensive rounds of the past, with a brutally effective twist. The tip of the nose is flat unlike most defensive rounds, with four channels milled into the tip. These channels allow for an increase in hydraulic velocity, resulting in a “waterjet” type of cutting as the bullet penetrates the target. This results in a very large permanent wound cavity as well as penetration deeper than any other defensive round on the market. This is a game-changer for calibers that lack penetration like the .380 ACP. We received a large shipment at Ventura Munitions, CLICK HERE to view the offerings currently available. Scroll below to view some great reviews of Lehigh Defense Xtreme Penetrator ammo.

Looking forward to some great new ammunition from Black Hills!

Black Hills Ammunition

5.56 mm + .308 TMK 5.56 mm + .308 TMK

Black Hills Ammunition has added two new performance loadings, a 5.56mm 77 grain and a .308 175 grain for 2014. Both new loads feature the newly developed Sierra Tipped MatchKing™ bullets. The sleek polymer tip on these new MatchKings increases the Ballistic Coefficient (BC) to an incredible .420 on the 5.56mm 77 grain and .535 on the .308 175 grain. These impressive BCs provide improved external ballistics with less drop and wind drift. In addition, the new tip design improves terminal performance by providing more uniform on-target performance compared to standard open tip match bullets.

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Are Muzzle Brakes Worth It?

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epsilon 2_small
Many people have asked if a muzzle brake is worth the extra investment over the standard birdcage flash hider. For most applications, the answer is a resounding “yes!” While they typically make the firearm substantially louder, they reduce recoil and muzzle climb by efficiently venting gasses in non-traditional directions. While you can spend hundreds of dollars on muzzle brakes, we at Ventura Munitions have thoroughly tested and support VG6 Precision muzzle devices with prices starting at only $85.00.

Muzzle brakes are caliber specific; our best selling brakes are the Gamma 762 and the Epsilon 556. We have purchased a number of them for our personal firearms after we saw how effectively they reduce muzzle climb and recoil. Our most enthusiastic review came from a local customer, Mike from NY. After seeing them in our local Las Vegas store we set him up with a Smith Enterprises threaded cap for his SOCOM 16 and a Gamma 762 muzzle break. After taking it to the range he came in and reported a 50% reduction in recoil and little to no muzzle climb. He is a believer, we are believers, try one for yourself today!

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Las Vegas Gun Store

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Las Vegas Gun Store